he 6468, brought to you by Zemgo, is a wireless alarm kit that includes: 1 alarm receiver, 4 door/window contacts, 4 motion sensors, 1 doorbell, and 2 remotes. With its modern and stylish design, it looks great in any setting and keeps you safe at the same time. All your components are wireless so you just need to pair them and you are all set! Your Zemgo receiver supports up to 50 wireless devices/zones (must be from Zemgo) to allow maximum protection. A great feature about this receiver is that it is Amazon Alexa compatible! If you want, simply follow the instructions to set it up and you command your alarm system through Alexa.

The wireless contacts and motion sensors are a great accessory. They each have a transmitting distance, to the alarm receiver, of 260 feet. The motion sensor has a detection range of 20 feet and each accessory will send push notifications via the application. If the alarm is armed and a door/window is opened or a sensor detects motion, it will trigger the alarm and notify you right away.

ZEMGO FPC-6468 Smart Home and Business DIY Wireless WiFi APP enabled Security In

SKU: 2331
  • ZEMGO FPC-6468 Smart Home and Business DIY Wireless WiFi APP enabled Security Intrusion Alarm System with Receiver 4 Door/Window Contacts 4 PIR Motion Detectors 2 Remotes and 1 Doorbell


    With the system being Wi-Fi enabled, you can monitor it from virtually anywhere. The mobile app allows you to monitor it closely and has an internal record log to send you notifications of any event. Once you get a notification, the alarm will sound to scare off any intruder and protect your property.

    Want to expand your system? It is as easy as can be! You simply purchase the new accessory, or accessories, that you need and pair them with your alarm receiver. From there, you are all set up and they have been fully integrated to your existing Zemgo system. You can also edit or delete current accessories that are already connected to the alarm. Just go to your mobile application and make the changes from there.

    This kit has a 2 year warranty with full access to tech support in the USA!

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