UKOKE UTM01W, timer outlet, is Made for Professional & Home Use. 
As long as your electric devices need to be turn on/off periodically, the UKOKE UTM01W, Timer Outlet, can help! It is prefect for home lighting, fan, heater and other electrical appliances, Hydroponics Greenhouse growing lighting, watering, ventilation/temperature control system, garden/farm lighting, watering system and so on.
With the built-in battery, you can operate and set the timer when off from your wall socket. It can save up to 10 times on/off settings. Before operation, please plug the unit into an outlet to recharge for 5 - 10 minutes if the device shows nothing on the display.

Enjoy the simplicity!

Timer Outlet 120V Weekly Programmable 7 Day Electrical Timer Switch

SKU: 034
  • Features
    ★ Longer service life with optimal designed copper structure
    ★ High quality, fashion design packing box, can sent as a gift.
    ★ Alternative 12 /24 hour system
    ★ Easily switch between Standard time and Summer time(DST)
    ★ Up to 10 times on/off setting per day
    ★ Time setting includes HOUR, MINUTE and DAY
    ★ Manual override feature to set the timer switch to always on or off
    ★ Random setting to have your lights to go on and off at. Random times during vacation

  • Installation: Plug-in Type
    ★ Voltage: 120V~/60Hz
    ★ Rating: 120V~ AC / 15A /1800W
    ★ Operating Temperatures: -14°F ~ +104°F
    ★ Accuracy: ± 1 Minute per Month
    ★ Battery: NIMH1.2V>100 Days
    ★ CE Certification

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