* For general& wood,plastic,rubber,bamboo,rope,soft metal,stainless steel and RV etc
* For wood & PVC(Flat saw blade)
* For Tile,Ceramic,Stone,etc(Diamond blade=Special Blade)
* Sharpening for knife,scissors,glass etc(Diamond sharpening blade)
* For Tile ,Stone,etc(Drill)
* For Glass,Stone(Glass cutter)


Package Included:
4 x Magic Saw blade (for genal & wood)
2 x Tile drill (for tile,soft metal ect.)
1 x Large wood saw blade 
2 x Glass saw blade 
1 x Magic Saw body
1 x Screw
1 x case


The Pathonor Magic Handsaws Set which uses excellent materials and are popular among
customers widely used in handicraft processing, construction, decoration, advertising, pruning fruit trees
and other industries, as well as hiking, fishing and other outdoor leisure activities and
an essential tool for the average family. 
The Saw is a light compact hand-saw that lets you cut almost any material in both straight line
and  in curved line.

Pathonor Magic Handsaws HSS 12-Inch 12 pieces Set

SKU: 019
  • Warning:
    1. Make sure that the direction of sawtooth is in a right direction (against you) ,which
    would save your energy, perform better and prolong service life.
    2. Be sure to rotate the screws to tighten the saw blade well before using. After usage, you could
    loosen the blade to maximize its durance (have you lovely blade relax after working).
    3. In the use of saw blade (silicon carbide saw blade) grinding saws, knives or cutting tiles and glass
    and other hard materials, please be sure to use the process of continuous drops of
    water, otherwise the saw blade is easily be damaged.

  • Material: Wood + Polyvinyl chloride
    Size: 29cm*17cm