Start the morning off the right way with a delicious cup from this Panasonic Thermo Pot. It is designed with an option for slow-drip coffee. This NC-EG2200 electric thermo pot has a special charcoal-coated container. The unit has a full-circle rotating base, a 6-hour timer and a clear display that is easy to read. This water thermo pot has a 2.2 L capacity and a gauge that shows you how much is remaining inside. 

Panasonic Nc-eg2200 2.2-Liter Thermo Pot

SKU: 1189
  • Panasonic Nc-eg2200 2.2-Liter Thermo Pot:

    • Electric thermo pot features a slow-drip coffee option
    • Has a Bincho-tan charcoal-coated container with an easy-to-read water gauge that allows you to see how much water is remaining in the pot
    • The unit has a 360-degree rotating base
    • 2.2 L capacity
    • Easy-to-read water display
    • 360-degree rotating base
    • 6-hour timer
    • LCD display
    • Slow-drip coffee feature
    • Bincho-tan charcoal-coated container
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