This set of 3 nesting trays is ideal for serving meals, decorating your home, and cutting clutter in any space. Each tray boasts a flat, rectangular design and comes in a different size, which allows you to store these trays with ease by simply placing the smaller trays inside the larger trays. The handles on either end of each tray allow you to move these trays from place to place with ease. Whether you want to show off a collection of knickknacks, tackle the clutter on your counter top, or enjoy a meal in your living room, this set of 3 wooden nesting trays is just what you need.

  • A set of 3 nesting trays made of wood and featuring a dark brown finish that shows the natural wood grain.
  • Each tray comes in a different size, and the smaller trays fit inside the larger trays for easy storage.
  • Perfect for creating home decor displays, organizing odds 'n' ends, and serving meals.
  • Approximate Dimensions (in inches): Large Tray - 16.5 W X 2 H X 12 D; Medium Tray - 14.5 W X 2 H X 10.5 D; Small Tray - 12.5 W X 2 H X 9 D.

MyGift Torched Wood Rectangular Nesting Serving Trays, set of 3

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