This traditional Asian earthen pot with visible natural undertones, has an artisan-made look and feel. It has a simple aesthetic that elevates the look of a table setting. The Donabe is a clay pot that has been used in Japan for centuries. The clay is somewhat porous, heat and moisture circulate through the pot during cooking, unlike metal, or enamel-lined pots. 


The pot heats slowly, enhancing flavor in the simplest dishes. The clay is alkaline and will interact with acidity in the food, neutralizing the pH balance. 

Add vegetables, protein and broth, put them on the stove, and let them simmer in the pot. Or opt to make fluffy and authentic white rice. But don't stop there, you can also cook brown rice, or other grains of your choice. 

-You can steam, stew, braise, and cook the most incredible rice you’ve ever had 
-This Donabe is great for personal or family meals, serves 2-4 people 
-This pot is very durable, stove top & oven safe 

Milo Japanese Style Donabe Pot

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