This is a bento lunch box set from Japan, Microwavable without lids. This bento lunch box set is a Large set that includes 2 layers with 4 small bento boxes on the top layer and one large bento box for sandwich or anything you like, on the bottom layer. This bento lunch box set is a great size for picnics for kids, for men, for family, going over to friends to share lunch or a dinner, or just someone special who has a large appetite.

  • 4 individual small bento boxes/containers in a Large carry container for the 4 individual boxes to fit in
  • 1 large bento box with lots of space for your food
  • This set comes with the green/yellow snap that helps hold the top layer of the bento lunch box together with the bottom layer
  • The yellow piece can be used as a holder for easy carry
  • The small bento boxes is great for dividing the space, but they can be removed, in case you like to use a large space for your food

INOMATA 2-Tiers Picnic Lunch Bento Box

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