With the Farberware 1.1-L Deep Fryer, you can make all your favorite fried foods right in the comfort of your own kitchen. The adjustable thermostat and cool-touch basket handle make operating the fryer easy and safe, while the stainless steel housing and lid will have cleanup over in no time. 

Farberware 1.1-L Deep Fryer

SKU: 1259
  • Farberware 1.1-L Deep Fryer:

    • 1.1L oil capacity
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • Stainless steel housing and lid
    • One blue pilot light
    • Cool-touch basket handle
    • Rated power of 1200W
    • Before plugging fryer into a wall outlet, ensure that the electrical circuit is not overloaded with other appliances
    • This appliance should always operate on a separate 120V or 60Hz wall outlet
    • Make sure the appliance is set to the lowest temperature setting before connecting it to a wall outlet
    • Place the fryer on a clean, flat and heat-resistant surface
    • Ensure a minimum distance around the appliance of at least 4" to other objects, cupboards and walls
    • Pour cooking oil into oil reservoir
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