The CT20 is an electronic tool for electricians, alarm, cable installers and others who routinely need to check circuits for continuity and also identify cables and wires. It allows a single user to quickly identify and label two wires even when the wire ends are located in different rooms. It can accommodate test wire lengths up to 10,000-feet (3,000 meters), 26-gauge minimum. The CT20’s Remote Continuity mode allows the user to check continuity and to identify two or more cables/wires simultaneously.

Extech CT20 Remote and Local Continuity Tester

SKU: 039
    • Lightweight and Pocket Sized
    • Continuity Confirmation: Equal to or less than 2.0 K Ohms
    • Fuse: 250V 0.5A Fast Blow
    • Weight: 260 grams (9.2 ounces)
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