The Crock-Pot Little Dipper Warmer is great for heating and serving dips and sauces at a get-together. It can also help eliminate trips back and forth to the kitchen during a family dinner or party. Simply plug in this handy Crock-Pot slow cooker to keep dip or sauce warm throughout your special event. It has a stainless steel finish so it looks sleek and professional on your kitchen counter. This stainless steel dipper also has a dishwasher-safe plastic lid and a long 24" power cord for extra convenience. A recipe book full of ideas for you to try out with your new appliance is also included. Create something new and delicious for your dinner guests to enjoy with this convenient kitchen gadget. The Crock-Pot Little Dipper Warmer would make a great gift for just about anyone who loves to host events for friends or family members. Ideal for melting chocolate and caramel, too. 

Crock-Pot Little Dipper Warmer, 16oz

SKU: 1107
  • Crock-Pot 16-Ounce Little Dipper:

    • Effectively keeps dips and sauces warm
    • Stainless steel finish for an overall sleek appearance
    • Comes with a selection of recipes
    • Eliminates the need to go back and forth to heat up dips and sauces while hosting a dinner party
    • Serve a variety of delicious appetizers and side dishes with this handy compact slow cooker
    • Would make a great gift for just about anyone who enjoys hosting events for friends and family members
    • This 16 oz stainless steel dipper is designed to take up minimal space on your counter
    • Crock-Pot slow cooker has a long 24" power cord for extra convenience
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