This Crock-Pot 4-Quart Smart-Pot Slow Cooker, SCCPVP400-B is a wonderful choice for people who like to cook on a regular basis. With this slow cooker, you can prepare a meal early and then have it cook all day. This Crock-Pot is easy to use and will be sure to impress guests when they come over to your house for dinner. This Crock-Pot slow cooker allows you to carry out your full day's activities and still enjoy a nutritious, home-cooked meal in the evening. It's a healthier, more cost-efficient and convenient way to serve tasty, satisfying meals. This modern and stylish slow cooker comes with a flat digital panel that uses programmable cook settings on high with four or six-hour selections and low with eight or ten-hour selections. This means you can cook around your schedule. After cooking time is complete, this Crock-Pot slow cooker will automatically shift to warm setting to keep food at an ideal serving temperature. This crock pot includes removable oval stoneware and glass lid 

Crock-Pot 4-Quart Smart-Pot Slow Cooker,

SKU: 1095
  • Crock-Pot 4-Quart Smart-Pot Slow Cooker, SCCPVP400-B:

    • Removable oval stoneware
    • Crock-Pot 4-quart slow cooker serves 4+ people
    • Flat digital panel
    • 1-touch digital controls
    • 2 high/2 low cook settings and automatic shift to warm setting
    • Dishwasher-safe stoneware and glass lid
    • Polished silver stainless steel exterior with black accents and plastic handles
    • Crock-Pot Recipes included
    • Limited 1-year warranty