This versatile, all-in-one Brentwood Multi-Pro All-in-One Blender is a food-processing center that combines two powerful features into one convenient machine. Its innovative dual-drive system is powerful enough to handle a wide range of materials. This Brentwood Blender can chop, mince, grate or even help you to make dough, thanks to the built-in food processor. Switch out the working bowl for the included carafe to make healthy smoothies, delicious shakes, blended cocktails and other beverages. The food processor blender comes with five blending cups, four sports lids, two resealable lids and two shaker/steamer lids. An additional four lip rings provide even more functionality. With the inclusion of a single-serve to-go cup, it becomes quick and easy to create healthy breakfasts or meals on-the-go. 

Brentwood Multi-Pro Blender

SKU: 1197
  • Brentwood Multi-Pro Blender:

    • Food processor blender includes: 5 blending cups (4 tall and 1 short)
    • 4 sports lids
    • 2 resealable lids
    • 2 shaker/steamer lids
    • 4 lip rings
    • Single-serve blending directly in to-go cup
    • Chops, mixes, blends, grinds and more
    • BPA-free bottle
    • 5 blending cups with sports and resealable lids
    • High-torque power base
    • Dishwasher-safe jar and parts
    • Durable Brentwood blender features stainless-steel blades
    • Nonskid base
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