Mix, whisk, and knead with the improved design of the Black and Decker Versatile Five-Speed Hand Mixer. This set includes two professional-style beaters, two dough hooks, and one chef's whisk; allowing you to quickly create cake and cookie batters, bread doughs, spreads and dips, homemade whipped cream, or whipped egg whites for a tasty meringue. The 250-watt motor runs at five speeds, including a 20 percent slower starting speed that keeps your countertop splatter-free. Plus, a special turbo boost increases the mixer to maximum speed to combine thick ingredients in no time. All accessories are stored conveniently in the smartly designed storage case, which uses the mixer itself as the snap-on cover. Cleanup is a breeze with the auto-eject button that quickly disconnects the dishwasher-safe mixing tools. Plus, you can further prevent messes with the bowl rest, which allows the mixer to sit upright on the edge of the bowl. 


SKU: 1264
  • Black And Decker Hand Mixer, 

    • Mixing Accessories: This complete mixing set includes: 2 professional-style beaters, 2 dough hooks, and 1 chef's whisk.
    • 250-Watt Motor: The perfect amount of power for mixing batters, doughs, spreads, toppings and more.
    • 5 Speeds: Find the right speed for every mixing task. Plus, you can slowly increase speed for optimal mixing consistency and to prevent messes.
    • Less Mess: The mixer starts out 20 percent slower to prevent splatter and loss of ingredients.
    • Turbo Boost: The turbo boost button automatically increases the mixer to top speed for tough mixing tasks.
    • XL Storage Case: The storage case holds all included accessories and uses the mixer as the snap-on cover.
    • Dishwasher-Safe Parts: Cleanup is easy thanks to the dishwasher-safe mixing tools.
    • Heel and Bowl Rest: The heel of the mixer is designed to rest upright on the counter or sit on the edge of the bowl.
    • Easy Eject: Eject the mixing tools without getting your hands dirty.
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