Make perfect rice every time with the Aroma 14-Cup Rice Cooker. Using nothing but steam to cook your rice, the Aroma Rice Cooker offers an effortless, low-fat alternative for cooking healthy grains. Whether you're steaming brown rice, white rice, wheat berry or quinoa, this sleek, white Aroma cooker gives the home chef the power to preserve more flavor, texture and nutrients. Simply pour the desired amount of water into the cooking pot, place your grain of choice into the steamer and press cook. When steaming is complete your Aroma Rice Cooker will automatically switch to warm — no more monitoring your heat or worrying about overcooking. This versatile appliance is also great for jambalaya, oatmeal, soup, stew and chili! Once the cooking is done the nonstick inner cooking pot detaches for easy cleanup. In modern white with tradition crock pot styling, the Aroma 14-Cup Rice Cooker looks as great as it cooks. The perfect tool for everyday cooking or entertaining! 

Aroma 14-Cup Rice Cooker

SKU: 1131
  • Aroma 14-Cup Rice Cooker:

    • Perfectly prepares 4 to 14 cups of cooked rice
    • Simple, one-touch operation with automatic keep warm
    • Great for soups, stews, chili and more
    • Includes measuring cup and serving spatula